25 thoughts on “Sick to ‘Sick’ Sentences!

  1. The colossal stone tortoise scurried along the barren sandy ground whilst carrying a mansion on the rocky shell on it’s back.

    His skin was stone and his shell had grass on it and his head is as big as a wreaking ball.

  2. Sick Sentences
    1. A) Slowly and steadily, the enormous tortoise shuffled across the ground lazily crushing houses on its way. The monstrosity of a tortoise had lush green grass and a grey stone house. Loud and confused people came storming out of the house wondering what in the world was going on.

  3. The unusual tortoise crawled over the green ground of the steep hill as slow as a snail.He had thick and rough skin and a camouflaged shell on his tough green back.

  4. As the slow, slow tortoise moved along the rough, rough ground . He had rough and strong skin and his shell had a dirty,dirty house in the middle of the shell, as the shell was this strong it could carry the house all the time.

  5. The terrific tortoise (who was as slow as a slug) moved across the bumpy emerald green grass. He had uneven skin and a huge shell on his back.

  6. The large tortoise,who was very slow, moved its way across the wet swampy ground.He had rough scaly skin and a huge shell the colour as slimy grass almost as if he was a hill.

  7. The tortoise has seen many things in his life time including dinosaurs other tortoises that was smaller than it and house smaller than the one on his back.

  8. Peacefully, the brobdingnagian tortoise prowled across the vast green juicy grass. The majestic creature had scaly, rugged and jagged skin with a gargantuan shell to guard it.

  9. In his lifetime he has seen;WWI,WWII and many more.

    Living on a back of a tortoise would be scary and exciting.

    The places I would go with it would be;unknown places.

  10. Slowly,the monumental tortoise creeped along the ground.The people living on the gigantic animal were terrified from it.Its shell was practically undestrutable.

  11. the amazing tortoise ,which was slow,walked on the rock solid ground.Also he had a skin like a crocodile.The tortoise had an ernoumous shell.

  12. The tortoise which was very slow, crawled on the wet slippery path. As hard as a rock the shell hit the tree.

    (1) In his life time he has been through WW1 and WW2.
    (2) In my opinion,I will be amazing because you can see all types of views from up their .
    (3) If it would take me to somewhere it would be Dubai !

  13. Elegantly, the tortoise moved across the rough floor. He had skin as thick as dragon scales and a shell as tough as a brick wall.

  14. sick sentences
    In the distance, there was a giant creature [tortoise], he has an emerald shell, snake skin, googly eyes and he is really really heavy,also he moves really slowly around the world, the one thing he loves is climbing trees.

  15. Sick Sentences
    1. Slowly,the gigantic tortoise pounded across the dry ground.
    2.He had rock like skin and had a huge and grassy shell.
    Question time
    1.He has seen a lot in his life time like the dangers of the world like if you are an rare animal like orca you might be held in captivity.
    2.I think living on a back of a tortoise must be very amazing because where ever you are your house is there with you.
    3.It would take me to places like different countries like France and Germany.

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