Friday 3rd November

As part of Black History Month, we learned all about Steve Biko. We researched that he campaigned for equality between black and white people. He was a very brave and courageous person which inspired us to write reports and poems. We used Maya Angelou’s – Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All poem to help us with this.

Our poems are very well thought out, we also worked on some illustrations to go with them:

Tuesday – School Football Match

Wednesday – Harry Potter Trip

Thursday – Harry Potter Trip

Friday – Home Learning in

Keep up the hard work!


Maths Games

We play some fun Maths games at school and I thought I would share them on your blog so you have the opportunity to play them at home.


Totality is brilliant strategy based game to develop addition. The game is usually played between two players using the board (pictured above) and a counter.

Before starting the game, the counter is placed on zero and a target number is decided on (usually between 20 – 30).

Each player takes turns to move the counter along a line to a desired number. Every time the counter is moved, the new number is added to the previous total. E.g. 0 to 6 to 1 to 5 = the total is currently 12.

You MUST move the counter along a line from one number to another.

The players MUST add the score up mentally in their heads as the counter is moved.

The player that moves the counter to a number that then makes the total the same as the target number (or exceeds it), loses the game.

Finding keeping track of the adding tricky? Make your target number lower.

Finding it too easy? You can make the game trickier by setting the target number higher. What is it like to play with three players?

You can download and print the game from here:

Mr Kay

Friday 13th October, 2017

We visited Ilkley this week for the Literature festival. We started that day by getting the bus to the train station, followed by a train to Ilkley. We all completed an excellent ‘Where’s Wally’ book hunt around Ilkley town centre. We had to read maps to find the shops where Wally was hiding in the shop windows. Did you enjoy it?

In the afternoon, we were luck enough to hear from an Author – M. G. Leonard. She was really cool and spoke to us about her obsession with beetles and why she based her books on them.

Congratulations to the football team for winning their first match of the season against Alwoodley 2-1!

A big well done to Alex and Aleah for winning Gold Book awards – you should be really proud!

Spelling scores from this week are in our diaries, here are the new spellings:

Have a great weekend,


A busy week ahead!

On Tuesday we will be visiting Ilkley for the literature festival!

We need:

  • to arrive at school on time.
  • to wear a school uniform.
  • to bring a waterproof or coat.
  • to bring a school packed lunch.


We arrive back at school at approximately 17:15.

Can you use these spellings in a sentence? Comment below to earn rewards in class!