Friday 20th April, 2018

Maths Revision:

Maths Challenge of the Week:

Top Tips:

  • Remember what the angles on a point along a straight line must add to.
  • Start by filling in the angles that you know first!
  • Remember how many degrees are in a circle or full turn.

Sentence Challenge:

SPaG Revision:

Check out this website for some great examples and videos – the subject, object and verb video we watched this afternoon was from this company…

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10 thoughts on “Friday 20th April, 2018

  1. Math Challenge

    1. 40˚ 2. 55˚ 3. 110˚
    x= 80˚, scalene triangle.y=50˚, right angled triangle.z=65˚, scalene triangle.

  2. blog activity
    1a) 40 ( acute angle )
    1b) 55 ( acute angle )
    1c) 110 ( obtuse angle )
    2a) 80
    2b) 50
    2c) 65
    math’s challenge

  3. Mr Kay i was sick last night so i cant come in today, i was sick yesterday morning as well is there any work i can do?

    • Hi Aleah,

      The home learning is now on the blog. I will put some extra activities on there for you to complete as well. Get well soon, Mr Kay

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