Friday 1st December

Fractions were a hit in class this week – be sure to get your fractions home learning completed as soon as you can so you can practise the skills you learned.

Complete this by adding to the comments section. Remember this is a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activity so challenge yourself with this šŸ™‚

The sound (urd) is often represented by the letters ard at the end of words of more than one syllable, like in the words above.

Remember: Say the word aloud, then say each letter aloud as you write it e.g. ‘awkward, a … w … k … w … a … r … d’


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  1. Question time:
    1. The icy world is majestic yet icy and frosty.It is magical every way but it is has an unknown eeriness to it. Also the people who live there are welcoming and kind bu they have a sense of iciness in their voices.

    2. If there was no snow in this world the people who use reservoirs because when snow melts it helps to fill reservoirs and wouldn’t have water to store.

    3.The biggest threat to polar bears is climate change because climate change is melting their habitat, making it even more hard to travel , hunt and to raise their baby.

  2. SPAG activity

    Slowly,the confused King walked through the cold forest.He stepped on the crunchy snow which had fell from the bright blue sky onto the ground.

  3. Triumphantly, the mighty king strolled through the sinister forest, cold and achromatic snow dropped in lupms from the dark shiny sky onto the vast landscape.

  4. 1. The king slowly trudged through the magical forest. Soft snow fell from the cloudy grey sky and onto the cold hard ground.

    2. The icy forest was a winter wonderland. Snow gracefully fell from the sky and polar bears lived in the quiet parts of the strange mystical forest.

    3. If there was no snow in the world animals that need to live in cold places with snow might not survive or even be extinct.

    4. The biggest threat to polar bears is if all the snow melts away they might die. Or if someone them.

  5. The evil king slowly glided through the icy forest,while snow white as a cloud fell from the grey sky onto the frozen ground.

  6. Slowly, the proud king stumbled amongst the frost-filled scenery ,while the drifting snow fell from the cloudy sky onto the covered ground.

  7. The king slowly walked through the frosty,icy and smooth snow. The snow came shooting down to the earth and set, it looked like as if a shooting star just dropped and melted into snow.
    Question time
    1. The icy world is not only ice but has snow that makes you all cosy and the trees look like lamps with snow on them, and they glow up in the dark.
    2. If there was no snow it would affect the animals the need snow [polar bears].
    3.I think the biggest threat to polar bears are wolves.

  8. Can you describe the icy world?

    My describtion on the icy world is frosty.

    If there was no snow in the world,who would be affected?

    If there was no snow in the world, I think the polar bears would be affected

    What is the biggest threat to polar bears?

    The biggest threat to polar bears are global warming.

  9. The royal king, slowly walked through the frosty forest. Fluffy snow fell from the dark clear sky onto the slippy ground.

    1)Frozen, Icy, Frosty, bright and snowy.
    2)If there was no snow the snow animals would be affected.
    3)The biggest threat to the polar bears is no snow.

  10. Question Time

    The icy world was fascinating.The cold ice was dropping on my fingertips.The nice fresh air was willing me to walk furthermore.

  11. The wise and adventurous King trudged through the picturesque snow from the forest that elegantly drifted down from the aqua blue sky.

  12. The royal king silently walked through the icy,crisp and freezing snow after he fell from the azure blue sky onto the slippy smooth ground.

    1.The icy world is like Narnia because it always snows and never stops. It also has the smoothest ice, smoother than a ice rink. The snow is crisp and cold and perfect to do snow angels.

    2.If there was no snow in the world nearly everything in the South Pole and North pole. This could also affect humans because some humans love the snow so it could make them drowsy. This would also affect everything because it would increase global warming.

    3. The biggest threat to polar bears is global warming because it would melt all the ice. Therefor they would have to travel miles to find more land.

  13. The king walked through the forest,snow fell from the foggy misty sky onto the dry ice like surface.

    The icy world looked like you was in a dream land when everything you wish for comes true and the magical things happen at night and day witch was the amazing thing.

    If there was no snow it would affect a lot of animals, people, and global warming also the South Pole and the North Pole.

    The biggest threat to polar bears is global warming because when all the snow melts and all the ice melts the polar bears have to rush somewhere else to live and they would die.

  14. The king roamed the icy forest as snow gracefully fell from the dark sky onto the cold ground.

    1.) majestic & frosty

    2.) Arctic & and Antarctica

    3.) global warming

      • mysteriously, the king trudged through the freezing cold snow. As the king strolled through the peaceful forest he came across a bunch of reindeer, at first the reindeer looked curiously at the man but ten seconds later they suddenly scattered away.Does no one like him? who knows…

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