7 thoughts on “Forgiveness

  1. Friends,family
    Others too
    Remember forgiveness
    Gifts of it are unique
    I guess you don’t see
    Very little people get forgiven
    Everyone has a story
    Never ruin yours
    Everyone’s equal
    Same for you
    Same for all

  2. Forget the mistakes other people have made,
    Others will forgive if you say sorry,
    Read all of the sorry letters and poems and forgive the ones who need to be forgiven,
    Give every one the forgiveness they need,
    It would make yourself above everyone just by saying sorry or forgiving everyone
    Value others apologises as you may friends
    Everyone has a right to be forgiven,
    Never say I don’t forgive you,
    Even you need to be forgiven,
    Sometimes you have to forgive,
    Some would think you wouldn’t forgive them even though you would because everyone has to be forgiven.

  3. Forgetting the past
    Owing someone a favour
    Relying on someone
    Giving someone an anonymous gift
    Ignoring all the hate
    Valuing others
    Encouraging others
    Never putting others down
    Ending the hate
    Saying sorry
    Sending flowers

  4. Find a way to be happy ,
    Open up closed doors to forgive,
    Reverse the time and forgive,
    Give trust in your friends to forgive,
    In your life there we always be room for forgiveness,
    Value your friendship,`
    Enjoy forgiving.

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