Friday 1st December

Fractions were a hit in class this week – be sure to get your fractions home learning completed as soon as you can so you can practise the skills you learned.

Complete this by adding to the comments section. Remember this is a Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar activity so challenge yourself with this šŸ™‚

The sound (urd) is often represented by the letters ard at the end of words of more than one syllable, like in the words above.

Remember: Say the word aloud, then say each letter aloud as you write it e.g. ‘awkward, a … w … k … w … a … r … d’


Friday 24th November, 2017

We have entered our class into a Leeds Sumdog competition is a week inĀ length. As soon as we log into Sumdog, we will be playing against the best Leeds has to offer! Some of us were crowned Leeds champions in Year 5 and are keen to retain our title!


Congratulations to our top 10 Sumdog players from our last competition. Remember Sumdog is available to play on any: tablet, laptop, computer or phone.

Will you be on the leader boardĀ of the next competition?

Some of us went to Harry Potter World this week, check out some of the photos:

Home learning has been set and is due in next Friday (17th November).

Spelling scores are in diaries; there were a lot of 10/10’s this week! Here are the new spellings:

Have a great weekend!


Friday 3rd November

As part of Black History Month, we learned all about Steve Biko. We researched that he campaigned for equality between black and white people. He was a very brave and courageous person which inspired us to write reports and poems. We used Maya Angelou’s – Life Doesn’t Frighten Me At All poem to help us with this.

Our poems are very well thought out, we also worked on some illustrations to go with them:

Tuesday – School Football Match

Wednesday – Harry Potter Trip

Thursday – Harry Potter Trip

Friday – Home Learning in

Keep up the hard work!